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I have surmised in my estimation why the Oval is perceived as the most attractive facial shape. It makes total sense to me that if you were to take every facial shape worn by every human on Earth, combined them into a composite shape, the Oval would be the result. The most universally accepted shape would then be the Oval. The Oval would be considered the most balanced, most normal, and most acceptable, therefore the most aesthetically pleasing...the most beautiful.


Elements of Design

The Elements of Design are the basic tools of visual awareness of the subject/client combined with the learned visual skills of the designer.

  • First we begin with evaluating the subject's facial bone structure.
  • Secondly we evaluate the subjects overall height and stature.
  • And thirdly we evaluate the subject's skin quality, skin coloration and skin condition.

The designer then uses the " Elements of Design " to correct, balance and beautify the areas of weakness, and to bring out and emphasize the areas of strength and beauty.


Three Basic Movements

I have defined these movements as the primary, secondary and tertiary movements.

  • First is the primary movement, or silhouette. This is the most important awareness.
  • Next is the secondary movement, or what goes on within the primary movement (curly, wavy or straight, etc.). This is the second most important awareness.
  • Then comes the tertiary movement, which consists of the color and condition of the hair. This is the third awareness.

See each subject (client or model) in these terms as you evaluate them.

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