My Philosophy on HAIR Design:

" In a nut shell.. cut, curl, color, condition. "

It is my philosophy that the function of HAIR on an aesthetic level is that of a frame for the face and head, a balancing element for the overall stature of an individual, and a color enhancer for the eyes and skin. Knowing that the human eye wishes to see a perfect Oval for a facial shape, and a proportionate height to weight ratio for proper stature, it is imperative that the designer is educated as a designer and not merely a stylist. A stylist duplicates and places a chosen hairstyle on the head. A designer evaluates and creates a shape utilizing and coordinating the proper Elements of Design for the most attractive effect. There are three basic movements.

The size and shape of a hairstyle is effected by Color in both of its affects, that being contrast and compliment. Contrast being how light or dark colors are next to each other, and Compliment being of opposite color frequency, or simply said, opposite on the color wheel. There is also analogous harmony.. colors that are alike or similar in there color identity and not at all opposite. The real challenge is when certain elements are in conflict. We then call upon our sense of good taste to discern.

" Individual choices and inner vision defines us as unique designers. The deeper you see into your subjects unique conditions the more effective you will be as a designer. Let it be known that there are always elements of design that are in conflict to some degree or another in each and every subject we do. But by training our eyes to see, there should never be confusion or apathy about what we're to do. This is where design begins ! "

I have surmised in my estimation why the Oval is perceived as the most attractive facial shape. It makes total sense to me that if you were to take every facial shape worn by every human on Earth, combined them into a composite shape, the Oval would be the result. The most universally accepted shape would then be the Oval. The Oval would be considered the most balanced, most normal, and most acceptable, therefore the most aesthetically pleasing...the most beautiful. _ J.Rizza

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